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Last Updated:  APRIL 14, 2012
This site's dead! Everything'll be moved over to the new version here.
The new version is still in its infancy, but in terms of album info, there's already a TON more than this version ever had.

Welcome Tapheads to what I hope will surely be the Internet's largest (but not the loudest, I can't make a promise like that) discography of England's loudest band.... SPINAL TAP.

A lot of Tap discographies have been attempted... in books, in magazines, and on websites.  But they just seemed to be missing something.  Well, actually, more than something - they seemed to be missing quite a bit.  In fact, they were usually big bunches of incomplete shit - BUT NO LONGER!  Over time, it is my deepest hopes that this discography will grow into something massive.  I hope that it will grow, text wise and illustration wise, into the most complete discography of Tap if ever there was one.  And of course, if you're looking for a page and it's not here yet, be sure to keep checking back... it'll all be here eventually, I just have to get around to it.  (Help would be appreciated.)

But enough of my yakkin'.... whatd'ya say?  LET'S BOOGIE.


Spinal Tap Sings "(Listen To The) Flower People" And Other Favorites  [1967]
We Are All Flower People  [1968]
The Incredible Flight Of Icarus P. Anybody  [1969]
Silent But Deadly  [1969]
Brainhammer  [1970]
Nerve Damage  [1971]
Blood To Let  [1972]
  Intravenus De Milo  [1974]
The Sun Never Sweats  [1975]
  Jap Habit  [1975]
Bent For The Rent  [1976]
Tap Dancing  [1976]
Rock 'n' Roll Creation  [1977]
Shark Sandwich  [1980]
Smell The Glove  [1982]
Heavy Metal Memories  [1983]
  Unreleased Albums
                                   Flak Packet  /  Here's More Tap  /  Lusty Lorry  /
                                   SEXX!: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  /  Hernia


Derek Smalls
        Milage 1  /  It's A Smalls World

Nigel Tufnel
        Nigel Tufnel's Clam Caravan  /  Pyramid Blue

David St. Hubbins
        Bjork, Bjork

Ronnie Pudding
        I Am More Music

Ross MacLochness
        Doesn't Anybody Here Speak English?


Top Hit For Nows  [1968]
Audible Death  [1969]
Live At Budokkan  [1975]
Openfaced Mako  [1980]
Got Thamesmen On Tap
Maximum Tap

Bootleg Smalls
         Can't Stop Sitting  /  It's A Dub World


This Is Spinal Tap: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  [1984]
  Break Like The Wind  [1992]
  Back From The Dead  [2009]


Ultra Rare Tap, Vol. 11
Turn The Dial To 11
None More Black
The Ultimate Rock 'n' Roll Creation

Tap On 45: A Guide To Spinal Tap's Singles
Vinyl Hell: Fact Or Fiction?
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